90.10. Genius PLUS for your Bed Pillow | Restful Sleep

90.10. Genius PLUS for your Bed Pillow | Restful Sleep

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Tranquil Sleep and Sweet Dreams with a Fingertip

Enhance your nightly retreat and enjoy beautiful dreams with our game-changing 90.10. Genius+ service. Quantum entangle your bed pillow and activate the marvelous 90.10. Fingertip Function, making your pillow the friend who hums you a lullaby. This feature allows you to adjust your pillow’s energy output—anytime, anywhere. Not only does this improve your sleep quality, but also intensifies the frequencies, encouraging the mind to unwind.

 Next-Level Energy: Harnessing groundbreaking quantum technology, our Genius technology operates at an exceptionally higher energetic level, far exceeding any competition. You're not just buying another energy gadget; you're investing in unmatched protection and performance.

 21st-Century Ready: While most other energy products remain as outdated as a simple homeopathic remedy, 90.10. Genius tackles modern challenges head-on. Designed to adapt exponentially to not only electromagnetic radiation but also a wide array of environmental stressors, our service ensures you stay ahead of the curve—all while elevating your body's own energy levels.

✨ A decade of Proven Expertise: Our Genius technology isn't a flash in the pan. We've invested over a decade in research and development, undergoing rigorous testing by multiple scientific institutes and experts. The verdict is unanimous: our technology is exceptionally effective. When you invest in it, you're investing in a legacy of proven results and continuous innovation.

 Global Exclusivity: You won't find anything like this anywhere else. Period. It's a world-first in energetic protection and well-being. So, don't settle for outdated solutions that no longer serve you! Be part of the future. Be protected. Be aware. Be yourself. Choose 90.10. Genius for a life reimagined.

To activate this function, you must be the owner of the bed pillow to which you want to apply this this service. You can only apply this service to one bed pillow per order.

Your bed pillow will be quantum entangled with the custom configured operating system of 90.10. Genius. A 9010Code, which was written by 90.10. and integrated into the quantum entanglement, contains the functions, which will initiate quantum energy and frequencies to be transferred to the matter of your pillow. Due to our Faster Than Light Technology® this process is complete in 0.0 seconds.

After the entanglement, your bed pillow affects your sleep quality by calming your thoughts and helping you let them go more easily. This will enable you not only to fall asleep quicker but also to stay asleep and not be awakened by dreams. 450 QEPPs of neutral quantum energy, along with four potent 90.10. frequencies, act on the pillow. These frequencies are:

  • SLE9010E "Sleep": This frequency aids in addressing sleep disorders, including difficulties in falling and staying asleep, and fosters relaxing dreams.

  • HOL9010I "Holiday": This frequency is engineered to alleviate states of anxiety and restlessness, aiding in stress relief and promoting relaxation.

  • GRO9010U "Grounding": This frequency prevents over-energetization of your organism and ensures that energy that would be too much for your body is dissipated into the earth.

  • CLE9010A "Clearance": This frequency ensures that the accessed frequencies do not mix or influence each other.

Additionally incorporated are the frequencies of Love, Light, and Recovery, aiming to elevate your emotional and spiritual well-being.

The Genius+ upgrade equips your pillow with the 90.10. Fingertip Function. Use it by resting your head on it or tapping it while saying the magic words "Ninety Ten Plus Energy [XYZ] QEPPs". Instead of the [square bracket] you name the QEPP number that you want your pillow to have as energy output. This way, you can increase but also reduce the pillow's energy output and adapt it to your needs whenever you want.

For activating this service, you simply take a photo of your bed pillow and upload it to our quantum network as described in the manual that you’ll receive after purchase. Our Faster Than Light Technology® instantly activates the energy-enhancing features.

The quantum entanglement will remain active unless you choose to interrupt it. Please note that you can replace the pillow used for quantum entanglement within the first year. After that, the entanglement of a new bed pillow requires the purchase of this service again.

If you purchase an add-on for this service, it will automatically be integrated into the 9010Code for this service and into the 9010Codes for all other services you have purchased and that are specified as add-on ready.

We stand behind the quality of our 90.10. Genius service. If you are not 100% satisfied with this service product, you have a 14-day window to return it and receive a full refund.

For any queries or assistance, please reach out to our dedicated customer service at support@9010.com.

Note: We do not ship pillows to you.

When you purchase this service, we will charge your own bed pillow with quantum energy and frequencies. We call this process "burning". We don't need to have your pillow here in our distribution center, as quantum energy and frequencies are transferred to the matter of your pillow via quantum entanglement. This process has been scientifically proven in several studies and is identical to the burning process in an original 90.10.-CUBE.