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Forever Freedom Pack – Infinite energetic freedom

Forever Freedom Pack – Infinite energetic freedom

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The Forever Freedom Pack consists of two Next Generation Cubes, which each carry four cross plates comprised of twelve modules. The cubes are not yet storing any energy. For their activation, a 90.10.-CUBE or a DIY Cube is required.

The cross plates are charged with energy in a 90.10.-Cube or a DIY Cube first. The first Next Generation Cube is activated this way. In its energy field, the cross plates of the second Next Generation Cube are activated.

Please note that the Forever Freedom Pack has been outdated by the 90.10. VirtualCube, which we offer at the same price on our Quantum Download Network (QDN). With the Forever Freedom Pack, only the burning of quantum energy into matter and adding frequencies during the burning process is possible. Therefore, we recommend buying the 90.10. VirtualCube, which offers much more possibilities of energetic work. Click here to go to the QDN.

Important: We no longer offer cube calls, i.e. the upfront consultation is no longer available. If you want to buy a Forever Freedom Pack, you should be familiar with the 90.10. technology and have watched all training videos for the product. Because, also important: The Forever Freedom Pack is excluded from our money-back guarantee.

  • Content: 1 piece
  • Size of the cubes: 210 x 200 x 200 mm
  • Material: The cross plates and modules are made of aluminum. The
  • mounting is made of plexiglass. The cross plates are fixated with magnets.
  • Energy output: Starting at 4,580 QEPPs, theoretically infinitely increasable

Delivery time: Due to the situation, we are currently waiting up to four months for the special magnets needed for the Forever Freedom Pack. This means that we can deliver the Forever Freedom Pack only after up to four months. Please take this into account when purchasing.

Information on the safe usage of a 90.10.-CUBE.

For more information, please visit our website.