90.10.-POWERCAPSULE – The Family Set
90.10.-POWERCAPSULE – The Family Set
90.10.-POWERCAPSULE – The Family Set
90.10.-POWERCAPSULE – The Family Set

90.10.-POWERCAPSULE – The Family Set

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The 90.10.-POWERCAPSULE was developed to, on the one hand, provide you with a great amount of quantum energy and, on the other hand, inform your body with useful frequencies. At the same time, it's supposed to give you the best user flexibility. 


The shell of the capsule is informed with the following frequencies:

"Nikola Tesla" with the inventor's know-how for protection against the interference effects of electromagnetic radiation

"Spring waters" with the information of ten world-famous spring waters, e.g. the Lourdes water

"84" with the information of 84 important vitamins, minerals, and micro elements


4-piece family set at a special price (only 74.50 per capsule): ideal for families and for use anywhere in the household (refrigerator, water pipe, fuse box, in the car, etc.)

  • Content: 4 pieces (each consists of 1 shell + 5 titanium spheres)
  • Size: 2 inches long, ½ inch diameter (shell), ¼ inch diameter (spheres)
  • Material: The cover is made of aluminum, of which the surface is coated with colorless anodized oxide. The spheres are made of surgical, biocompatible implant titanium, which provides a high level of corrosion protection. The aluminum contents protect from electromagnetic interference effects.
  • Energy output: 170 QEPPs per sphere; 2,465 QEPPs total (through the multiplication effect)

Instruction for / Information on the safe usage of a powercapsule.

More information on this product can be found on our website.

An alternative to the 90.10.-POWERCAPSULE

You want to save even more money and/or want to conduct experiments with absolutely neutral quantum energy? Then take a look at our power capsule 90.10.-ZERO POINT ENERGY.