90.10. Genius+ for your Refrigerator | QuantumFridge
90.10. Genius+ for your Refrigerator | QuantumFridge

90.10. Genius+ for your Refrigerator | QuantumFridge

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The Future of Food Preservation

Use our 90.10. Genius+ service to transform your fridge into intelligent matter, transferring quantum energy directly to your food. The QuantumFridge keeps everything fresh and optimizes every food item for both longevity and taste. 

 Next-Level Energy: Harnessing groundbreaking quantum technology, our Genius technology operates at an exceptionally higher energetic level, far exceeding any competition. You're not just buying another energy gadget; you're investing in unmatched protection and performance.

 21st-Century Ready: While most other energy products remain as outdated as a simple homeopathic remedy, 90.10. Genius tackles modern challenges head-on. Designed to adapt exponentially to not only electromagnetic radiation but also a wide array of environmental stressors, our service ensures you stay ahead of the curve—all while elevating your body's own energy levels.

✨ A decade of Proven Expertise: Our Genius technology isn't a flash in the pan. We've invested over a decade in research and development, undergoing rigorous testing by multiple scientific institutes and experts. The verdict is unanimous: our technology is exceptionally effective. When you invest in it, you're investing in a legacy of proven results and continuous innovation.

 Global Exclusivity: You won't find anything like this anywhere else. Period. It's a world-first in energetic protection and well-being. So, don't settle for outdated solutions that no longer serve you! Be part of the future. Be protected. Be aware. Be yourself. Choose 90.10. Genius for a life reimagined.

To activate this function, you must be the owner of the refrigerator to which you want to apply this this service. Alternatively, you must be the user or tenant of the place in which the refrigerator to which you want to apply this service is installed. You can apply this service to up to two refrigerators in your home/household.

Your refrigerator will be quantum entangled with the custom configured operating system of 90.10. Genius. A 9010Code, which was written by 90.10. and integrated into the quantum entanglement, contains the functions, which will initiate quantum energy and frequencies to be transferred to the matter of your refrigerator. Due to our Faster Than Light Technology® this process is complete in 0.0 seconds.

After the entanglement, the code will work on both the fridge and the food items inside it individually. 

Due to the influence of 450 QEPPs of neutral quantum energy and the 90.10. Frequency TES9010L "Nikola Tesla" acting on your fridge, you'll gain protection against harmful electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) as any biological interference effects are neutralized.

As your refrigerator's matter is transformed into intelligent matter, each food item kept inside the appliance will be infused with 10,000 QEPPs of quantum energy. However, the energy level adapts dynamically. If 10,000 QEPPs is too much or too little to optimize the taste and shelf life of a food item, the QEPPs count will be adjusted individually.

Whether it's fruits, vegetables, or dairy, the code ensures optimal freshness and longevity as the four frequencies employed will enhance the nutritional value and taste. The frequencies used are:

  • WAT9010E "Spring Water": This frequency causes a restructuring of water and thus improves its cell availability.

  • VIT9010A "Vitamins and Minerals": This frequency allows vitamins, minerals, and trace elements to be better absorbed and stored by the body.

  • GRO9010U "Grounding": This frequency prevents over-energetization of your organism and ensures that energy that would be too much for your body is dissipated into the earth.

  • CLE9010A "Clarity": This frequency ensures that the accessed frequencies do not mix or influence each other.

Additionally incorporated are the frequencies of Love and Light for both the food and the fridge to elevate the overall well-being of your kitchen.

For activating this service, you simply take a photo of your refrigerator and upload it to our quantum network as described in the manual that you’ll receive after purchase. Our Faster Than Light Technology® instantly activates the energy-enhancing features.

The quantum entanglement will remain active unless you choose to interrupt it. You can quantum entangangle up to two refrigerators at a time, but change each unit whenever you would like to.

We stand behind the quality of our 90.10. Genius service. If you are not 100% satisfied with this service product, you have a 14-day window to return it and receive a full refund.

For any queries or assistance, please reach out to our dedicated customer service at support@9010.com.

 We do not ship a refrigerator to you.

When you purchase this service, we will charge your own refrigerator with quantum energy and frequencies. We call this process "burning". We don't need to have your refrigerator here in our distribution center, as quantum energy and frequencies are transferred to the matter of your refrigerator via quantum entanglement. This process has been scientifically proven in several studies and is identical to the burning process in an original 90.10.-CUBE.