90.10. Genius | Standard Matrix Deletion Code

90.10. Genius | Standard Matrix Deletion Code

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Clearing the Matrix

With the term "matrix" we refer to a layer of information that is added to physical matter to give additional properties to objects, substances, or landscape areas. Applying the matrix deletion code used in the 90.10. quantum language, such additional matrix information can be removed.

Apply the fabulous Standard Matrix Deletion Code to reset the energy in everyday things by clearing them of unnecessary energies, vibrations, and frequencies. After a successful 8-day free trial in our 90.10. Community, this groundbreaking service is now available for you.

The Matrix Deletion Code will only work with items you own or with items noone in particualar owns (public landscape areas). You can apply it on as many items as you wish.

The item on which you want to apply the Matrix Deletion Code will be quantum entangled with the custom configured operating system of 90.10. Genius. A 9010Code, which was written by 90.10. and integrated into the quantum entanglement, contains the functions, which will initiate the reset. Due to our Faster Than Light Technology® each individual process is complete in 0.0 seconds.

The standard 90.10. Genius Matrix Deletion Code will delete ALL energies, frequencies, vibrations, and information that an object does not contain in its original beingness. Therefore, it will also delete energies, frequencies, vibrations, and information added to the purpose or function of the object. For this reason, the standard version of the Matrix Deletion Code may not be suitable for use with certain energy products and "sacred" objects that are used for energy work and in which certain information was deliberately stored during manufacture. For such items, we recommend the custom 90.10. Genius Matrix Deletion Code.


Garments produced under questionable conditions may energetically mirror aspects of production and contain frequencies such as "exploitation," "abuse," or "slavery." In addition, mass production and fast fashion mentality common in the garment industry could bring frequencies such as "hustle," "alienation," and "materialistic consumption." Also conceivable would be the frequency "environmental degradation," which can result from the use of environmentally harmful chemicals.

In the mass production of food, the automated and profit-oriented processes of large-scale industry leave a series of energetic imprints on our food. Frequencies such as "mechanization", "standardization", "haste", "environmental pollution", "lack of mindfulness" and "profit orientation" could manifest in the matrix of these foods and make consumption energetically stressful for the body.

Electronic devices
Electronic devices such as smartphones, laptops, and televisions are often manufactured under problematic conditions, including unfair labor practices and environmental pollution. These devices could store frequencies such as "exploitation," "environmental degradation," and "alienation".

Particularly jewelry made of precious metals and gemstones can have a shady past. The conditions under which gold is mined or diamonds are extracted are often anything but fair or environmentally friendly. Frequencies such as "greed," "conflict," or "exploitation" may manifest in the jewelry. 

Crystals support us with their magical power and provide us with great services every day. However, over time, external information attaches itself to crystals. By influencing the stone's own energies, it also affects their effect. In moonlight, sunlight, or water, you can cleanse them - or simply apply the Matrix Deletion Code to them.

Our preferred modes of transportation often spark debate over their environmental impact. Both the manufacturing and disposal processes come under scrutiny. Consequently, the energetic matrix of a car might encompass frequencies like "pollution," "resource wastefulness," and "overconsumption."

Especially mass-produced pieces of furniture are largely made in conditions that are not favorable for the environment or for the workers. This furniture could carry frequencies such as "deforestation", "exploitation" or "short life". 

Places and Landscapes
When visiting a place where negative events have occurred, a stressful atmospheric presence may be noticed. This could be due to frequencies such as "fear", "violence", "trauma" or "death" that have inscribed themselves in the matrix of the place. 

Second-hand Items
A secondhand garment or jewelry previously worn by another person may have absorbed the energetic frequencies of the previous owner. This can lead to a feeling of strangeness when worn.

In the presence of antiques, one often senses a rich and intricate history. The experiences and emotions of previous owners may have led to distinct frequencies, now embedded in the objects' energetic matrix.

Houses and Appartments
Wenn du in ein neues Haus einziehst, spürst du vielleicht verweilende oder stagnierende Energie, die möglicherweise aus vergangenen negativen Ereignissen stammt. Die Quelle solcher Gefühle könnten Frequenzen sein, die mit Zwietracht, Trennung, Krankheit, Missbrauch oder sogar Tod verbunden sind.

Frequencies that have been stored as part of the manufacturing process, e.g. those of harmful chemicals, will not be deleted by the Matrix Deletion Code as they are part of the physical manufacturing process. 

For applying this service, you simply take a photo of the respective item, substance or landscape and upload it to our quantum network as described in the manual that you’ll receive after purchase. Our Faster Than Light Technology® instantly activates the Matrix Deletion Code.

Access to the Matrix Deletion Code will be granted to you for as long as you live.

We stand behind the quality of our 90.10. Genius service. If you are not 100% satisfied with this service product, you have a 14-day window to return it and receive a full refund.

For any queries or assistance, please reach out to our dedicated customer service at support@9010.com.