90.10. MOMENTUM | Motivation | Genius Add-on #200

90.10. MOMENTUM | Motivation | Genius Add-on #200

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Your Fuel to Reach any Goal

Applying this 90.10. Genius Add-on will transform your chosen object into Intelligent Matter. You are free to activate it for any 90.10. service object that is add-on-ready and that you have purchased. Upon a command that you give, the object code adjusts to ignite your inner drive: 4,500 QEPPs are added to the current energy output. Incorporated within are multiple frequency affirmations and frequency commands, all meant to bolster your determination, your ambition, and inspire you to tackle any challenge ahead.

Next-Level Energy: Our Genius technology operates at an exceptionally higher energetic level, far exceeding any competition. You're not just buying another energy gadget; you're investing in unmatched protection and performance.

21st-Century Ready: While most other energy products remain as outdated as a simple homeopathic remedy, 90.10. Genius tackles modern challenges head-on. Designed to adapt exponentially to not only electromagnetic radiation but also a wide array of environmental stressors, our service ensures you stay ahead of the curve—all while elevating your body's own energy levels.

✨ A decade of Proven Expertise: Our Genius technology isn't a flash in the pan. We've invested over a decade in research and development, undergoing rigorous testing by multiple scientific institutes and experts. The verdict is unanimous: our technology is exceptionally effective. When you invest in it, you're investing in a legacy of proven results and continuous innovation.

Global Exclusivity: You won't find anything like this anywhere else. Period. It's a world-first in energetic protection and well-being. So, don't settle for outdated solutions that no longer serve you! Be part of the future. Be protected. Be aware. Be yourself. Choose 90.10. Genius for a life reimagined.

To apply this add-on, you need to have purchased at least one add-on-ready 90.10. Genius service object, such as the Standard Genius or the Genius Plus Service for the shoes.

The add-on will automatically become available for any add-on-ready 90.10. Genius service object you've already purchased or will purchase in the future.


To activate this add-on, touch the respective object (with you finger or any other part of your body), while giving the following command:

  • "90.10. Momentum"
    pronounced: "Ninety Ten Momentum"

The add-on will deactivate by itself an hour after activation. Alternatively, you can stop it by issuing the following command:

  • "90.10. Stop Momentum"
    pronounced: "Ninety Ten Stop Momentum"

For both commands, you can say or think "Ninety Ten" and "Ninety Ten Stop" in any language. However, for the add-on's name, "Momentum", please use the international product name we've designated. No need to stress about pronunciation; simply say the add-on name as you read it.

You can reactivate the add-on whenever you would like to.


The add-on adds 4,500 QEPPs to the currently set energy output. If you wish to have more energy while the add-on is active, you may increase the output at your own discretion. The add-on won’t be interrupted by that.


The add-on adds 4,500 QEPPs to the standard energy output of 450 QEPPs. Thus, the energy output of your object increases to 4,950 QEPPs while the add-on is active.

The add-on is yours for life. You can apply it to any number of objects, provided you have purchased the service for them and provided they are add-on ready.

We stand behind the quality of our 90.10. Genius service. If you are not 100% satisfied with this service product, you have a 14-day window to receive a full refund.

For any queries or assistance, please reach out to our dedicated customer service at support@9010.com.